What is AirNow?

AirNow is an online advisory service for ports, authorities and anyone else interested in easy way to monitor and identify ship emissions at sea. AirNow is developed to enhance the enforcement of regulations and laws in emission control areas, and to help improve the marine air quality in ports and sea areas.

How does AirNow work?

AirNow monitoring is done by fixed and mobile measuring stations, which are continuously measuring ships exhaust gas emissions. Analyzing the data from measurement stations AirNow calculates the fuel sulfur content (FSC%) in passing ship’s fuel tanks for easy compliance check.


What is AirNow used for?

AirNow provides qualified advisory information from sea to shore. For Port State Control officers this means that they can focus their fuel sampling in ports on non-compliant ships only. This will maximize the number of monitored ships and minimize the on-board fuel sampling.

What are AirNow service models?

AirNow is a pay-per-use service where successfully reported measurements are invoiced to the customer. The measuring devices can be owned either by AirNow (full-service-model) or you (HW delivery + AirNow software as a service).

How do weather conditions affect the AirNow service?

AirNow works in every weather and visibility condition. Wind direction brings some limitations to the measurements when only one station is used. For full coverage for every wind direction, two measurement stations should be used per fairway.

What size of an operation and maintenance organisation is needed?

With a Full Service Model, AirNow is an unmanned fully automatic service that requires no extra staff from you. Typically an existing authority organization is enough.

In cases where you want to be the owner of the measuring stations, the operation and maintenance organisation will need to be mapped with you based on the amount of stations and the coverage area.

Who owns the data?

All data reported to you through the AirNow service is your property and will not be shared with any third partys.