AirNow is an emissions monitoring service.

The service is created to help authorities and ports follow the new air pollution rules at sea set by the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

Remotely operated Sniffer Stations record the emissions of passing sea vessels. Gathered data is processed through the AirNow algorithms and presented to you through our web-based user interface.

The results are analyzed from gathered information of the measuring equipment and other data (SO2, CO2, NO+NO2 + NOx, wind, humidity, temperature, ambient pressure, position, AIS).

AirNow will show what is the FSC-% (fuel sulfur content) of the sea vessel that passed the Sniffer Station. The FSC-% reports and database records will help you to decide if there is a need for an on-board check or other port control actions.

Measuring stations are operated automatically 24/7 and every device has local storage capable of storing the data securely for several days to ensure uninterrupted operation.

AirNow is offered as a service and invoiced on a pay-per-measurement basis. As the equipment will be owned and maintained by us, the starting costs are minimal.